The Best of 2019 (A List of One) : Promare

Whether you’re a fan of film, comics, books,or tv you’ve been inundated with a combo of best of the year and best of the decade lists over the last month.

Hell, even Obama and Quentin Tarantino got lists for you (and as you might expect they are quite good).

I have a list too.

A list of one.


It’s not on any of the dozens of lists I’ve seen or listened to on podcasts unless I go to anime specific lists on sites I never knew existed (and in some cases didn’t want to) and if being completely honest maybe it isn’t a traditional top 10 film of the year in the way a Studio Ghibli film could be or maybe even another animated film from Japan that came out this year Weathering With You – the smash hit follow up by the Your Name director Mako Shinkai – is in some parts of the world and doesn’t have quite that extra layer of meaning that Into the Spider-verse does but what Promare represents is what I want all a movie going experience to be.

In a part of the year that’s film season mostly highlights small quiet moments Promare is everything you want blockbusters to be but almost never isn’t.

It’s fresh, exciting, bombastic, and riding an always on the ascent adrenaline injected narrative displayed on a vibrant criminally uncommon palette that gives you the feeling that you are watching an artist’s attributable mark. It has that thing the aforementioned Spider-verse has, that little extra insider flavor, in this cases some trigger happy Kill la Kill & Gurren Lagann shared DNA that keeps it from making a half billion dollars when by all rights it should.

It’s too fresh for the current general population. People will have to catch up to it. The already initiated will offer them an I’ll told you so while watching whatever’s next after what’s next.


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